VCH Shropshire

VCH Shropshire: Shrewsbury Part Two: Institutions, Buildings and Culture

At the time when Shrewsbury Part One was published in 2014, quite a large part of Part Two had been drafted, and further text has been prepared since. At this time Shrewsbury Part Two was being managed by VCH Central Office in the Institute of Historical Research: responsibility for the completion of the volume has now passed to the VCH County Committee. As it may be a few years before the whole text of Part Two can be assembled and the volume goes to press, we are making the draft text as it is prepared available here as a public resource. The draft text will be added to this page from time to time.

It should be reiterated that the text presented here is not in a finalised form. It will undergo a process of editing before publication, and so what is presented here may differ from the final published text. We welcome corrections and suggestions (although readers should be aware that that we are writing to a word limit and it will not be possible to incorporate all additions).

As will be noticed from the scheme which follows, large parts of the volume remain uncommissioned (‘tbc’ = to be commissioned). We are interested in hearing from anyone who would be interested in contributing to the volume.

We are indebted to the Marc Fitch Trust and the Walker Trust for their financial aid which has allowed us to get so far, and to those colleagues who have generously given of their time and allowed their knowledge of Shrewsbury’s history to appear in this form.

0.1 List of abbreviations List of abbreviations drafted
1.0 Introduction  
1.1 The River commissioned
1.2 Shrewsbury as a regional centre tbc
1.3 Shrewsbury as a garrison town tbc
2.0 Local government and public services
2.1 Boundaries: liberties and borough Boundaries: liberties and borough PDF drafted
2.2 The government of the borough
2.2.1 The borough before the charter of 1638
2.2.2 The unreformed borough
2.2.3 The Commissioners of Improvement
2.2.4 The reformed borough
2.2.5 The twentieth-century borough
2.3 Municipal buildings Municipal buildings PDF draft updated 30 June 2023
  Municipal buildings: figures Municipal buildings PDF drafted
2.4 Municipal arms, insignia and plate in draft
2.5 Public preachers Municipal buildings PDF draft uploaded 18 June 2024
2.6 Public monuments Public monuments PDF drafted
2.7 Law and order
2.7.1 Courts
2.7.2 Police
2.7.3 Fire services
2.7.4 Prisons
2.7.5 Reformatories
2.7.6 Shropshire Asylum
2.7.7 Copthorne Barracks and other Shrewsbury buildings with a military connection Copthorne Barracks PDF drafted
2.8 Public services and utilities
2.8.1 Water partly drafted
2.8.2 Gas partly drafted
2.8.3 Electricity partly drafted
2.9 Poor law and poor relief institutions
2.9.1 To 1780 commissioned
2.9.2 From 1780 to 1834 tbc
2.9.3 From 1834 tbc
2.10 Foundling Hospital  
2.11 Public parks  
2.12 Burial grounds Burial grounds PDF drafted
2.13 Hospitals and medical services drafted
2.14 Charities for the poor drafted
2.15 Almshouses tbc
3.0 Economic infrastructure and institutions
3.1 Communications  
3.2 Markets and fairs Markets and fairs PDF drafted
3.3 Corn mills and Fisheries Corn mills and Fisheries PDF drafted
3.4 Mint  
3.5 Common lands and the Quarry Common lands and the Quarry PDF drafted
3.6 Craft Guilds  
3.7 Industry and employment  
4.0 Churches and other religious bodies
4.1 Parish Churches partly drafted
4.1.1 The early church  
4.1.2 Parochial boundaries  
4.1.3 St Alkmund St Alkmund PDF draft updated 8 March 2023
  St Alkmund – Figures St Alkmund figures PDF draft updated 8 March 2023
4.1.4 St Chad St Chad PDF drafted
  St Chad – Figures St Chad Figures PDFdraft added 30 June 2023
4.1.5 Holy Cross and St Giles Holy Cross and St Giles PDF draft updated 8 March 2023
  Holy Cross and St Giles – Figures Holy Cross and St Giles figures PDF draft added 30 June 2023
4.1.6 St Julian St Julian PDF draft updated 30 June 2023
  St Julian – Figures St Julian Figures PDF draft added 30 June 2023
4.1.7 St Mary St Mary PDF draft updated 30 June 2023
  St Mary – Figures St Mary PDF draft added 30 June 2023
4.1.8 All Saints Castlefields  
4.1.9 Holy Trinity Coleham  
4.1.10 St George Frankwell  
4.1.11 St Michael Ditherington  
4.1.12 The Holy Spirit, Harlescott The Holy Spirit, Harlescott PDF drafted
4.1.13 The reorganization of parishes in the late twentieth century  
4.2 Pre-Reformation chapels Pre-Reformation chapels PDF drafted
4.3 Roman Catholicism Roman Catholicism PDF drafted
4.4 Protestant nonconformity Protestant nonconformity PDF partly drafted
4.5 Orthodoxy drafted
4.6 Other faiths drafted
5.0 Buildings, military and ecclesiastical  
5.1 Castle to be revised
5.2 Town walls gates and bridges to be revised
5.3 Shrewsbury Abbey and its manor to be revised
5.4 Sites and Remains of Friaries tbc
6.0 Town buildings  
6.1 Town buildings to 1700 tbc
6.2 Town buildings, 1700-1850 tbc
6.3 Town buildings, 1850-1918 tbc
6.4 Town buildings, 1914-2000 tbc
6.5 Town planning, 1919-2000 tbc
6.6 Conservation and Regeneration, 1918-c.2000 tbc
7.0 Social and cultural institutions  
7.1 Education and schools Education and schools PDF drafted
7.2 Inns, public houses and hospitality tbc
7.3 Places of entertainment to be revised
7.4 The Quarry The Quarry PDF drafted
7.5 Learned and cultural societies to be revised
7.6 Horticultural Society to be revised
7.7 Museums to be revised
7.8 Libraries to be revised
7.9 Newspapers to be revised
7.10 Shrewsbury Races
7.11 Other sports