Our strategy

VCH activities in the county will, for the time being, concentrate on two areas.

When the Shropshire office of VCH was disbanded, it was part way through a volume on Bradford Hundred in the north-east of the county. It is our intention to pick up this volume on Newport and the Weald Moors and bring it to a conclusion with a projected publication date of 2022 or 2023. As a first publication though we are now well advanced on a VCH short on Wem which will appear in the second half of 2017: this will be the first modern history of this intriguing small town.

The second area in which we will be active will be in the history of Shrewsbury. The narrative account of Shrewsbury appeared in 2014. Work has been underway for some years on the supporting thematic volume which has been managed by VCH Central Office and supported by the Marc Fitch Trust. Responsibility for bringing this to a conclusion has now passed to the county committee. We intend that the first draft sections will posted on our website in the Spring of 2107.

We would be pleased to hear from individuals or local societies who are interested in writing the history of individual places in the county to the VCH standard and in the VCH style. We can offer, for suitable work, publication on our website and possibly, for longer studies, publication as a VCH Short, and eventual incorporation into a VCH red book.