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VCH Shropshire is one of many counties where, in an agreement between Victoria County History and the county council, good progress was made on writing the history of the county. A list of the volumes published under this agreement together with a map showing the areas of the county covered may be found in ‘Volumes completed’. They included thematic volumes looking at aspects of the county. This agreement came to an end early in the present century and for over a decade VCH activity in the county was in abeyance. Work continued, though, with a team of volunteer historians brought together by Central Office, and in 2014 it was possible to publish the first of two volumes on Shrewsbury (VCH Shropshire VI, Shrewsbury part one).

The interest that this created in the county suggested that the time might be ripe to relaunch VCH in the Shropshire as a voluntary organisation. A county committee came together in the summer of 2015 which held a launch meeting in October 2015. Since then the committee has found funding which has enabled it to restart work in the north of the county, and a publication on Wem is envisaged in the latter half of 2017. Our progress in re-establishing VCH activities can be followed through our report to the 2016 annual meeting.

The county committee has also accepted responsibility for bringing the second Shrewsbury volume to fruition. Where the first volume was a narrative history of the town, this volume looks at Shrewsbury thematically. There will be a further volume (part three) on the villages of the liberty of Shrewsbury.

The new VCH county committee builds on firm foundations but there remains much history in Shropshire to research and write. For the way in which we propose to proceed, see ‘Our Strategy’.