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September 2019: the September 2019 issue of our Newsletter. May 2019: Shrewsbury Part II Chapter 2.9 Burial Grounds PDF has been revised. The next section to be published will be the account of the town’s public preachers.

30 April 2019: the April 2019 issue of our Newsletter

1 Oct 2018: the October 2018 issue of our Newsletter.

5 June 2018: the June 2018 issue of our Newsletter

and the following chapters have been added to our work in progress: 27 September 2017: we have added the typescript of sections of Newport and the Weald Moors, prepared in 2002 by David Cox and Janice Cox, to our work-in-progress page.

September 2017: the September 2017 issue of our Newsletter.

10 May 2017: the May 2017 issue of our NewsletterPDF icon.

9 May 2017: drafts of two Shrewsbury Part Two sections have been added to the website.

17 January 2017: our Annual Report for 2015-16 PDF icon has been added to the website.

June 2016: the June 2016 issue of our NewsletterPDF icon.